Tuesday, May 10, 2011

going into business sale, LAST DAY!!!!

the sale went so well, that we decided to extend it through the entire weekend, to coincide with The Usuals Spring Sale, but today is the last day. we'll be there until 6pm
these pieces start at $20

thanks to Jesse at Elegant Editions we can offer high quality Giclee prints for only $50

we also have t-shirts

roan and i are raising as much money as possible so we can open The Arsenal art store. our friends at The Usuals offered to host a super sale this Saturday, May 14th 12-5pm. the money raised will go towards building up our capital so that we can open our doors and offer san jose it's own art store with affordable prices. no more waiting for your order online, and paying shipping fees. no more having to drive to sf or berkeley just to get what should be readily available here in san jose. at the sale we will have our art at ridiculously low prices, and we will also be releasing new t-shirt designs. if you have ever wanted that big painting, but didn't have the ends, this is the sale to come to. if you ever wanted to get something painted, come talk to us about doing a commission. roan can paint and make websites, i can paint, offer screen printing services and deliver a mean illustration or logo.

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