Sunday, December 27, 2009

sales pitch

remember when you used to get a real gift for christmas? sure there was always
something lame mixed in, but for the most part you were a kid and adults knew well enough that kids like toys. but now look you're all grown up and you're into all this weird shit. no one in your family understands that music, clothes, movies, art, or video games you're into, so now
 they just give you an envelope. they've come to the conclusion: why give you something you're just going to regift anyway, in fact why even deal with the stampedes at walmart or dickheads at the mall? just slip the kid a fin, buy him off. so you have some cash to spend but you still can't leave the house because the streets are full of jackasses who should either be in school or at work. now what? well lucky for you i use my family like guinea pigs. every year i print up a bunch of shirts and beanies with new designs. if my cool relatives like it: great. if my square relatives look at puzzled: perfect, it's a keeper! so here we are in the perfect position to help each other. check out some of the samples below if you see something you like get back to me. i have other colors of garments and all sizes. the shirt is a girls cut, but i also have regular 
ones too.

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