Monday, October 5, 2009

the best basketball game ever!!!

when i'm not making things i play video games. lately it's been street fighter iv, mariokart, bomberman, and fight night. i really can't stand first person shooters, or guitar hero, and button mashing games like god of war make me feel stupid for playing. i really really hate playing sport games: madden/mlb/nhl/and nba 2k whatever they're all shit. for one they take too much time to play, they also seem like they're for nerdy stat head fantasy playing sport fans, and the look of the games creep me out in a bad way. so much attention is paid to making the players look like moving wax replicas of themselves, and not enough time spent on gameplay or fun factor. i don't want a game that somehow makes kobe look creepier and faker than he already is, just give me a game that has some character and fluid control. give me a game like konami's run and gun.

 i used to spend tons of hours and quarters on this game. it came out the same time as nba jams, but was a hundred times better. the alley oops, playing the passing lanes, jordan-like double clutches, blocking dunks, the perspective and gameplay was the best for any basketball game i've ever played. the only things it lacked was a pass out of a jump-shot and an nba license, which doesn't really seem that important since the teams and players closely resemble  the nba teams of 1993. and, i mean nba jams didn't even have jordan and hangtime didn't have shaq, but run and gun did. the sg for chicago was unstoppable, the pg was paxson, c:perdue, sf:pippen, pf:grant. orlando had shaq. but the team i used to always win the championship with was oakland. the pg was like tim hardaway, and the sf was like mullin, the sg was probably supposed to be sarunas marciulionis. konami also made a run and gun 2 that had a better alley oop, crossovers, and a spin move, but the first was still better. if anyone has either game(or knows of an arcade with it) i challenge you to a game, or you could play on my team and win the championship. 

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